Kari Watkins, Executive Director
Laurie Barton, Chief Financial Officer
Mollie Bennett, Marathon Coordinator
Mary Eppler, Receptionist
Julie Likes, Staff Accountant & Group Sales
Lauren Long, Administration

Communication Services

Dustin Potter, Director of Technology & Online Communications
Tony Stizza, Director of Video
Mary Ann Eckstein, Media Coordinator
Tina Gilliland, Travel Trade & Leisure Marketing Consultant


Stacey Weddington, Development Director

Education & Research

Lynne Porter, Education Coordinator
Helen Stiefmiller, Collections Manager

Facilities & Grounds

Gabriel Taylor, Director of Facilitiy Operations
James Sing, Grounds Supervisor
Kevin Hess, Facilities & Grounds
Ryan Lambert, Facilities & Grounds

Safety & Security

Leon Gillum, Director of Security & Safety

Visitor Services

Joyce Andrews, Visitor Services Manager
Diana McGoohan, Memorial Store Assistant Manager
Mary Green, Visitor Services
Denise Lacquement, Visitor Services
Patricia Miracle, Visitor Services
Carol Red, Visitor Services
Jennifer Warlick, Visitor Service


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