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The Oklahoma City National Memorial Archives came into being in the fall of 1995. Following the April 19, 1995, bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, a 350 member task-force was created to deal with aspects of memorializing the tragedy. One of the eleven task-force sub-committees was the Archives Sub-Committee.

In October of 1995, a survey was conducted by the Archives Sub-Committe to ascertain what materials relating to the bombing were available. From this survey, a plan for the development of an archives was created.

Memorial collections are incident specific to the April 19, 1995, bombing. The collections include all aspects of this incident including:

  • Site history
  • Records from the professional response
  • General public and media response
  • Impact on the local community as well as the nation
  • Investigation and trials
  • Memorial process

The Memorial Archives is located in the Oklahoma City National Memorial Museum. The 4,000 square-foot, climate-controlled storage area contains more than 600,000 items including documents, artifacts, and photographs.


If you are a researcher interested in utilizing the Memorial's archives, please
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The Memorial Archives has assisted researchers from all over the country and the world. Resources from the Memorial Archives have been utilized for projects ranging from middle school research papers to doctoral dissertations to video documentaries, even to assisting novelists.

Memorial Archives materials are not available for research online. To access the resources available at the Memorial Archives, the following should be followed:

  • Contact the Archives staff in writing, via letter, fax or email with detailed information on the proposed research
  • A researcher desiring to conduct primary, on-site research will need to contact Archives staff in the same methods listed above to schedule a research time and must complete a Researcher Registration Form at least 20 days prior to planned visit.

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Now Available - Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum's Archive Reading Room

Operating as a closed stack, the Memorial archives now allow researchers to use the Archives’ collections by appointment in the new Reading Room. This Reading Room offers researchers access to primary and secondary sources relating to the Oklahoma City bombing that are not available elsewhere. FBI evidentiary materials, building records, city-wide damage studies, photos from the City of Oklahoma City and the FBI, pieces of the rental truck and more are available for study.

The Memorial Archives collects and preserves images, audio recordings, video recordings, documents, books, newspapers, articles, textiles, art and artifacts. Among these invaluable items are over 30,000 artifacts in the permanent collection, over 300,000 photographs, 2000 video recordings and 68,000 items in the Fence Collection.
A recording studio was also constructed to capture oral histories, aid in updating exhibit videos and as a place to interview dignitaries and others. The collection already includes more than 500 oral histories from survivors, rescue workers and family members of the victims.

If you are a researcher interested in utilizing the Memorial's archives, please fill out the online form.



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