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September 17, 2014
New Lesson Plans Available!
With the opening of Phases 2 and 3 of the Museum enhancements, new lesson plans are available for educators. These plans complement the new Impact & Healing and Investigation & Justice exhibits. Other resources and lesson plans are available in our For Educators section of the more »
September 15, 2014
Stakeholders Tour Museum Enhancements
Over the last two days Family Members, Survivors, Rescue Workers, Donors, Media, Friends and students have toured the newest additions to the Memorial Museum. These enhancements have added artifacts, video and interactive experiences that engage people of all ages as to the relevance of the lessons learned from the April 19, 1995, bombing. Starting Tuesday, September 16th, visitors will experience new stories and exhibits in the Impact & Healing, Investigation & Justice and Responsibility & Hope galleries. The Memorial overlook will provides a breathtaking view of the ever-changing downtown more »
September 11, 2014
We Remember 9/11
As we work to complete our Museum renovations in Oklahoma City, we stop to remember our friends in New York City, Shanksville and at the Pentagon on this 13th anniversary of such a horrific day in our country, 9/11. We have been honored to work with people from each of these communities and are grateful for the friendships and bonds formed in these shared experiences. You stood with us in our darkest hour and we continue to stand with more »

Museum to Close Sep. 8 - Sep. 15 for a
Week of Finishing Touches to the Enhancements
The Memorial Museum will be closed from September 8 - September 15 and will reopen on Tuesday, September 16 at 9:00am while we put the finishing touches on Phase II and III on nearly $8 million of Museum more »

2014 Student Essay Contest
Now in its 14th year, the Memorial's Essay Contest allows students the opportunity to share their views on important topics while engaging them in the lessons of the Memorial. The 2014 Student Essay Contest uses a political cartoon and text passages to highlight the responsibility of the government to keep us secure in the context of our personal more »

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