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Volunteers Honored at Appreciation Banquet

February 20, 2013

The Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum honored our Memorial Volunteers (MVP) at the Vast Event Center on the 50th floor of the Devon Energy Center. During dinner, MVPs learned first hand about the building of the Devon Tower by Klay Kimker, Vice President of Administration who oversaw the building of this new Oklahoma City landmark.

MVPs offer the highest standard of Visitor Services, assist with the Memorial Archives, education programs and advance or mission. Our MVPs donated 7,632 hours of service in 2012, which equals a donation of $133,484! Each MVP received a certificate and gifts of appreciation.

Special awards were given
to the following MVPs

  • 10 Years of Service
    Marguerite Christman and Gus Schmid
  • Above & Beyond
    Debra Ferrilli and Ramona Hiller
  • June Ranney Special Service Award
    Sue Craig
  • Outstanding MVP
    Bob Bish

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