Virtual Tours


The Memorial Museum provides a powerful experience for all visitors as it takes them through
the day of April 19, 1995, and those that followed. Visitors leave with a complete understanding
of the impact of violence, and a sense of hope and resilience for the future. This tour highlights
the Memorial Museum’s Gallery of Honor, which pays tribute to the 168 who were killed.


The peaceful serenity of the Outdoor Symbolic Memorial is highlighted in both dusk and
nighttime 360-degree imagery. The symbolism of the site can be seen in the Gates of Time,
Field of Empty Chairs, Survivor Tree, Reflecting Pool and much more.


A bird's-eye view of the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum’s Outdoor Symbolic Memorial
gives visitors an opportunity to see the complete design of the site all at once. Fly over the
symbols of the site and see it from a whole new perspective.


We would like to thank NewSpin360 for creating and hosting the virtual tours and Hawkeye Media
for providing aerial photography.


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