About the Designers

Hans and Torrey Butzer and Sven Berg
Butzer Design Partnership
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Butzer Design Partnership was established in 1990 shortly after its partners, Hans and Torrey Butzer, graduated from the University of Texas at Austin. For a period of two years, they completed various residential projects and graphic commissions. In January of 1992, they relocated to Germany, where they spent 5 ½ years working with several architectural firms.

In early 1997 while living in Berlin, Germany, they participated in an international design competition for the Outdoor Symbolic Memorial component of the Oklahoma City National Memorial. Hans and Torrey’s associate Sven F. Berg assisted with the submission of their design. Their entry was selected as one of five finalists from a pool of 624 entries. As part of their final submission, Butzer Design Partnership submitted a list of team members that would act as consultants in the case that their entry be selected for construction. Included in that list were Sasaki Associates (Watertown, MA) and The Benham Group (Oklahoma City, OK).

The team, along with the other finalists, took their design to a 3-D model, proved their design could be built within budget and resubmitted their design to the Selection Committee, which consisted of fifteen voting panelists and one nonvoting recorder. This panel included eight members of the families, survivors and rescuers, along with civic leaders and design professionals.
Following the selection of their design for the Oklahoma City National Memorial in July of 1997, Hans and Torrey Butzer relocated to Cambridge, Mass., where Hans began graduate studies at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design. Throughout the phases of schematic design, design development, and construction documents, Butzer Design Partnership maintained artistic control of the design. Hans and Torrey Butzer traveled to Oklahoma City to present the design as it was developing to the Oklahoma City National Memorial Foundation and the group of family members, survivors, and rescuers.

The Oklahoma City National Memorial Outdoor Symbolic Memorial was dedicated on April 19, 2000, by U.S. President Bill Clinton.

Groundbreaking on the Outdoor Symbolic Memorial was held in September 1998. In January of 1999 with construction just underway, Torrey relocated to Oklahoma City. Torrey was on-site almost daily, assisting the Memorial Foundation with the interpretation of the design during construction. In June of 1999, Hans received his Master of Architecture from Harvard University and promptly joined Torrey on-site.

Currently, the Butzers reside in Oklahoma City. Hans is a professor at the University of Oklahoma in Norman. He and Torrey continue to pursue new projects for their Partnership both in the United States and in Europe through their affiliation with Sven Berg.


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