Add Respect, Resilience & Responsibility to your study of the 3Rs!

Called2Change is a Memorial program about the impact of violence and the power to change the world by choosing to do the right thing.

Using the April 19, 1995, bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building as a basis for study, Called2Change, helps students understand that every life has meaning and importance, see that that there is far more good than evil in the world, understand how individual acts contribute to violence and focus on ways to serve others. The Hope Trunk, a field trip to the Memorial and Museum, a First Person program and suggested follow-up activities, including a service learning project, combine to provide an experience that changes lives.

Comments from teachers whose students participated in Called2Change

  • "I believe they had a better understanding of the consequences of violence."
  • "This experience really opened up their eyes to the history of April 19. Before, they didn’t understand the impact it made. Now, they have a better knowledge of how their actions influence others."

Museum admission and program resources are provided without charge, thanks to the generous support of SandRidge Energy, Inc., and FedEx.

Please watch the following video to hear about Centennial High School teacher Edward Anderson’s experience with Called2Change.



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