The Reflections of Hope Award®, honors a living person or currently-active organization whose conduct exemplifies in an extraordinary fashion two core beliefs of the Oklahoma City National Memorial Foundation: that hope can survive and blossom amidst the tragedy and chaos of political violence and that, even in environments marred by such violence, peaceful, nonviolent approaches provide the best answers to human problems. More specifically, the Reflections of Hope Award recognizes a person or organization, in the United States or abroad, that has worked very successfully in a spirit of peace and nonviolence to selflessly better the lives of those around them, despite operating in an environment of political violence. The Reflections of Hope Award was established by the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation in 2005, in honor of Linda Lambert’s service to the Memorial.


  • Must be a living person or currently-active organization
  • If the nominee is a currently-active organization, one person should be identified as a representative of the organization in order to put a face on the nominee. Photograph(s) should be included if available.
  • Impact of nominee’s work should be identified